Krakow does not & nbsp; want to host the III European Games if the government does not & nbsp; compensate all expenses

Krakow does not & nbsp; want to host the III European Games if the government does not & nbsp; compensate all expenses

The next European Games in & nbsp; 2023 should be held in & nbsp; Krakow. The government in Warsaw doesn’t hide the joys, but the mayor of Krakow openly declares that his city didn’t ask him to organize this event. Local activists are ready to hold a referendum, Radio Svaboda informs.

In & nbsp; 2014, city residents already participated in & nbsp; such a referendum. Then they decided the fate of Poland’s bid for the & nbsp; 2022 Winter Olympics. Her & nbsp; were also going to be held in & nbsp; Krakow. 70% of city residents from & nbsp; those who voted were against it.

- & nbsp; The decision on & nbsp; getting us the right to & nbsp; hosting the European Games doesn’t & nbsp; You can always refuse from & nbsp ;. So the Dutch have already done. First we look at & nbsp; the budget, and then & nbsp; we will decide on & nbsp; about the referendum. If city residents are opposed, then the authorities will be forced to obey, & nbsp; - said one of the & nbsp; organizers of the previous referendum against the Olympics, Tomas Lesniak in an & nbsp; interview with Gazeta Krakowska.

The European Games in & nbsp; Krakow are supported by the government “Rights and & nbsp; Justice” (the conservative political party in Poland). But & nbsp; less enthusiasm for & nbsp; local authorities. Krakow Mayor Jacek Majrowski and his entourage have already announced that if the government doesn’t compensate all expenses for organizing the European Games, then the city willn’t allocate a penny for this event.

In an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza, Maihrowski stated that the city of Krakow didn’t apply for the Games and is now waiting from Warsaw and Poland’s Olympic Committee for details about funding.

- & nbsp; We will not & nbsp; allow such a situation when 12 thousand people come to Krakow, and & nbsp; we & nbsp; will be forced to pay for their & nbsp; stay. The words & nbsp; but about the fact that Krakow will receive additional advertising thanks to this, & nbsp; is a bust. We & nbsp; don’t & nbsp; complain about & nbsp; lack of tourists, said the mayor of Krakow.

In & nbsp; Poland, city mayors are not & nbsp; appointed, as in & nbsp; Belarus, but & nbsp; elected. The current head of Krakow is in opposition to the government of the conservative Law and Justice party and is not subject to orders from Warsaw.

The European Games in & nbsp; Krakow was criticized by & nbsp; the deputy of the "Civil Platform" Grzegorz Lipets. He & nbsp; wrote on & nbsp; social networks about & nbsp; that "European games don’t have any sporting prestige" and & nbsp; "they don’t even have volleyball and & nbsp; football."

The deputy of the Krakow self-government, Malgojata Jantan, is indignant that the decision to hold the European Games in Krakow was made without the participation of the city authorities, and & nbsp; reminded the government in & nbsp; Warsaw that such a decision can only be made by the mayor of the city and the City Council of Krakow.

The first European Games in & nbsp; Baku in & nbsp; 2015 cost, according to & nbsp; some estimates, & nbsp; 1.2 billion dollars. As for the cost of the second European Games in Belarus, the amount in $ 50 million was called, since the bulk of the infrastructure was already ready.

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